• - filter & browse Netflix instant movies with Rotten Tomatoe’s Tomatometer
  • - connect actors by the movies they’ve acted in together
  • - find the differences between different releases of the same movie
  • - a database of tons of movie scripts!
  • - attempt to identify movies by the screenshot of one scene alone
  • - check if something’s streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon, Crackle, Blockbuster, YouTuber, Redbox, or iTunes with one click!
  • doesthedogdie.comranks films based on whether the dog/pet in them dies, so you can watch without covering your eyes.
  • - a tumblr blog full of movie quotes, scenes, facts, news, trailers and everything else movies!

I’ll give it to you you earned my follow after this. Much love to the growing movie community on tumblr!

I’m so excited thank the tumblr gods for making movie

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  • how to stop time: kiss
  • how to travel in time: read
  • how to escape time: music
  • how to feel time: write
  • how to waste time: social media

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If you have eyes or ears or both (like me) you’ve probably heard of movies. If you’re a fan of movies, this is why you should follow

Because the movie quotes are just so relatable


Because this movie GIF even has a watermark on it


Because some of the movie quotes even make great conversation starters for first dates


So what do you say, follow


I promise the follow button has no earwax on it.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass includes side-scrolling spin-off set in China

Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Season Pass brings 8 hours of new content including a new campaign outside Paris, and an all-new 2.5D game set in ancient China.

Check out the Season Pass  trailer here.


Garthan Saal aka Supernova / Nova Omega


Garthan Saal aka Supernova / Nova Omega

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Happy Birthday, David Fincher!

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The 17 Best Fan-Made Posters for Star Wars Episode VII

To see more, click here!

Thanks to Josh Lange for these awesome J.J. Abrams-inspired posters!


47 Fall Movies we can’t wait to see…

..see the rest here

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